What you are reading is a compilation of the Ruminations of my soul.  If you grew up in Iowa, you know that a Ruminate (cow, goat, sheep) will eat something, and then in a process of extracting every nutrient possible, will burp up what is known as the “cud” and chew it over again.  This random act of chewing leaves the cow looking a little like a valley girl with a wad of gum in her mouth.  But, since G-d often refers to us as sheep, goats, and oxen, we, too, ruminate.
I used to be afraid of this process.  I used to be worried that if I laid an idea down in the dark (sort of like swallowing it half done) that I would never remember to “bring it back up again” and finishing thinking it through.  By the grace of G-d, I have acquired a level of trust for myself and for His teaching and leading.  Consistently, at just the right time, on just the right day, something I had long ago forgotten about will come back up in my soul, and I will get to chew it through all over again.
I have also learned to trust that there may be a reason for it, so I share.  Maybe, you too can get some meaning from this wad of bubble gum, eh?

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