The Weekly Fringe 1/10/16

Fringin’ in my p.j.s.

What to say when you hear your name being called?

“Hineni” Here I am.  Send me!hineini

And, say, that is a nasty cold you have….

…May want to see the Doctor about that one, too.

Gimme that Back!

The Story

Ten days ago marked the 70th anniversary of Anne Frank’s death.  Now, there is a public dispute as to “who” is the rightful heir to her beloved diary.

So, what’s the big deal?

The “big deal” is that “Mein Kampf” is becoming public domain this week, as well, and the dispute over the Diary is weakening the testimony of it’s author.  Hey, no one is looking!  Take a peek.

The debate has certainly won my stamp of approval.  If I were a Rich Man!

On the other fringe

What to say when you are hungry…

It’s love at first bite in the Big Apple.  As if we needed a reason to celebrate!

What to say when your boss tells you company morals are in the trash…

We suggested giving him a list of Graham approved tips

What to say to your coworker after calling in sick the third Monday this month…

Here’s to your health, sister.

Fringing in the Homeland

What to read about while waiting for your passport to be approved

Patience is a virtue, and persistence pays off.  You are never too old to learn new tricks, like this Japanese Mensch.  Got your in-laws worried? Just tell them “sababa!” It’s not like you are joining the IDF, are you?

What to say when a newbie tries to order out on Shabbat.  “Ashkarah!”  We just went through five minutes of fear to pick up some latkes. (Hamesh daccot shel pachad)

May want to give him a personal tour of the local shul, for good measure, followed by an uplifting testimony of this IDF soldier who found her faith in Yeshua while fighting ISIS.  There are No Words to describe it better than a first hand visit!

Your mother called.


She asked me to remind you it is a good mitzvot to share.

Shalom, and Shavua Tov.


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